Detail Packages and Services Offered

#1 Student Pilot Detail

 Prices starting at $230 for a Cessna 150

#2 Private Pilot Detail 

Starting at $400 for Cessna 150

#3 Top Gun Detail package

* Projected longevity 19 months of protection under right conditions such as does the plane stay hangered, will Plane Shiny be continuing with service to your aircraft? If not. I can give advice on safe washing procedures to ensure you do not strip the protection off.

Starting at $675 for Cessna 150

Other services offered and provided.

Before/After of PaintCorrection

 Anytime you touch your paintwork you put micro scratches in it. Let us keep you Shiny!!

Bad Oxidation?

UV rays reak havoc on your beautiful investments. No two planes have the same damage so in person inspections are a must for accurate quotes. Typically its around $100 an Hr for full paint corrections. 

No Problem

Under our care we can correct, protect and maintain that shine. Theres a reason they call us Plane Shiny, its just that plain simple.